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Uncover a wealth of resources and engagement in our dedicated Student Zone – your gateway to a vibrant academic experience.

All About Students

Embark on a journey of exploration as you delve into the myriad ways you can actively engage with us. Uncover the fascinating projects that our students are currently spearheading, explore coursework intricately connected to our mission, pursue internship and job opportunities that align with your aspirations, and get to know our accomplished student leaders and esteemed alumni. For a deeper understanding and to initiate this enriching experience, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

Moreover, if the realm of transportation captivates your career aspirations, broaden your horizons by immersing yourself in the comprehensive insights offered through the Transportation Research Board's enlightening Future Transportation Workforce video. Take the first step towards a fulfilling career journey with us.

Know From  Students

Discover the student experience firsthand and gain insights into their impactful contributions. Hear directly from our students about their journey at CARNATIONS.

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Wengxiang Zhao

Explore Wengxiang Zhao's groundbreaking work in "GPS Receiver Anti-Jamming and Interference Mitigation." Get real-time updates on key milestones, including the development of Kalman filters and experimental tests for tracking. Engage with Wengxiang's insights on challenges and motivations while addressing wide-band interference, enhancing GPS robustness. Experience the forefront of GPS technology innovation with Wengxiang Zhao.

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Beatty Dawson

Beatty Dawson is leading groundbreaking research in the field of "Blind Cooperative Multi-Vehicle GNSS Spoofing Detection and Recovery." Stay informed with regular updates showcasing significant milestones and achievements. Notably, the team has achieved an early proof-of-concept for a novel spoofing detection method, with plans to present these findings at the upcoming ION GNSS+ 2024 conference. For more detailed insights, an attached extended abstract is available for reference. Explore the innovative strides in GNSS spoofing detection and recovery with Beatty, Dawson's cutting-edge research.

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Sewar Dghaim

Explore Sewar Dghaim’s "Leveraging Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) for Resilient and Enhanced Cybersecurity in Smart Transportation Systems" project that focuses on utilizing the capabilities of GANs along with other AI methods to proactively identify, simulate, and neutralize cyber threats against sophisticated transportation networks. Explore GANs security applications with Sewar from Chicago State University!

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Kana Nagai

Explore Kana Nagai's "Integrity with LiDAR Positioning." Uncover navigation safety intricacies for driverless vehicles, addressing LiDAR technology challenges. Despite a non-interactive map, Kana's research assures risk quantification and safe driving through landmark identification and feature extraction validation using real-world data. Join the journey of innovation and application in LiDAR positioning.

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Birendra Kujur

Birendra Kujur directs the research "Defending Against GNSS Jamming and Spoofing by Multi-Sensor Integration." Latest updates include a notable journal paper on optimal INS monitoring for GNSS spoofer tracking error detection. Learn about motivations and challenges in a researcher interview. While maintaining a personal research diary, Kujur encourages involvement and feedback, envisioning lab tours for engagement. Stay connected on ResearchGate and LinkedIn for ongoing insights into GNSS security solutions.

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Christopher Harrison

Christopher Harrison conducts MATLAB experiments to evaluate Gauss Markov Random Processes and study aliasing errors. He's developing a standard deviation method for quantitative error assessment. In his first year in signal processing, Christopher finds experimenting with sampling techniques highly informative. His research diaries involve thorough examination of MATLAB code, ensuring results align with hypotheses. For collaboration, he uses Slack and Google Teams.

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Zixi Liu

Zixi oversees the research project "GNSS Interference Detection and Localization using ADS-B Data." The project focuses on swift detection and precise localization of jamming and spoofing events, inspired by real-world incidents like the Dallas airport jamming and Iranian border spoofing events. Challenges include limited ground ADS-B coverage, addressed through open data sources. Group meetings set weekly goals for algorithm implementation, and daily tasks involve coding and investigating interference events. Collaboration occurs via GitHub and OneDrive, while the team's website ( provides continuous 24/7 monitoring of jamming detection results across the U.S.

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